God knows everything because what he knows, is what he wanted. Nothing escapes to Him. He is not amazed by anything. He has created us to live in a system limited by the space and the time. He made all things with a goal Prov 16/4. Nothing was left to chance

The Bible says that Some did not welcome the Love of the Truth that they might be saved. So, God sends upon them a misleading influence a working of error, and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false, in order that all may be judged who refused to adhere, but instead took pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Tess 2/10-12.

Why would a person not love the Truth? Because the Truth would not please her. Finding that the lies explain things which please them, these people prefer the lies to the Truth which disturbs them. Some don't have the pleasure to know that God has predestined us in everything.

They have the impression that God is unfair if, as they say, we are 'robots'. They thus invent a God who tries, and who fails whatever he does because of us. It is how God creates Lucifer who rebels and becomes Satan, the archenemy See the devil. Seed of the serpent .Then God creates Adam and Eve and fails in his plan of earthly paradise ( See Adam. Eve. fall ). Likewise, God fails with Cain who kills Abel See Cain. Abel. Then with the whole world which He has to destroy, saving only Noah see Noah. Then with Abraham see Abraham, with Moses Rm 7/7, and finally Jesus-Christ Himself fails because of the wickedness of his compatriots who don't understand anything and crucify him. God thus creates his Church, and then again, He miserably fails because of some wicked people who mess things around by creating religious organizations in his name and committing abominations such as the inquisition and other unspeakable crimes See Church. Denominations. That's it! God fails in everything he undertakes because of us. He is truly limited because of us who are free to do as we want and who take an evil delight in not doing His will see free-will..

God is Omnipotent see Omniscient. Omnipresence. Omnipotent. He makes everything in a perfect way. God put us in this limited system. It is we who are limited, not Him! we are all predestined, but God has created us so that we have the impression of chosing by ourselves. It is His Love that we are created this way. He will for instance, tell you: ''chose the life rather than the death'', so that you have a feeling of importance. You think you chose. But you chose nothing at all. You do what has been decided by God.

It is not because of what we do, or don't do, that we shall be saved or lost. We shall be saved if we are predestined to be Eph 1/4. And we shall be saved according to the plan of redemption. See Plan of redemption. Yet, let us not forget that this plan of redemption concerns only those whom he attracts Jn 6/44. Others have no part in it, and just mock, or are satisfied with their small lump of religiosity. And why is that? Because God does not want it; He is everything, and no one is unhappy. What can you do? It depends neither on you nor on me Rm 9/16.

About the things which happen daily, a true disciple of Jesus-Christ is very glad to know he is infallibly guided by the Good sheperd who totally takes care of him. He knows that even the disagreable things which happen to him work together for good and the Glory of God Rm 8/28! So what? What more could you ask for?

Why should we preach? see Preach. Why should we teach the Word of God if in any case those who have their name written in the book of life before the foundation of the world will be saved? Rev 20/15. Eph 1/4. The Word of God which is preached serves as a revelator. It reveals the heart of those who hear it, that is all. He who acknowledges the voice of the Good sheperd, thus shows that he is one of the sheep Jn 10/3-4. Jn 10/11. Jn 10/14.

This belief should absolutely not push a person who has a righteous heart to be fatalist. Fatalism is a perversion engendered by the negative attitude. No true disciple of Jesus-Christ can be a ''what's-the-use-of-ist''. A true disciple of Jesus-Christ is so happy to find a commendable thing to do, he does it for the Glory of God, the good of others and his personal satisfaction Ecc 9/10. This faith simplifies the life. The true disciple of Jesus-Christ does not worry about what God wants so that his life. He knows that he must think, be and do whatever is honorable, true, just, pure, friendly, who deserves the aproval, what is virtuous and worthy of praise Phil 4/8. This is not complicated! Even the pagans can recognize these things and nothing at all is against the divine or human laws. Moreover, the disciple of Jesus-Christ who has an unshakable faith that God is holding his hand, knows that God has prepared the good things in avance, so that he'd better do things without murmur nor hesitation Eph 2/10. Phil 2/14. He has a total faith in God who takes care of him completely. God has provided everything so that His children can be and do what has been anticipated of all Eternity Col 2/10. God will never ask you to be or do a thing to which He did not predestine you and for which we would have no predisposition or force. Even the devil cannot tempt us as He would like us to do 1 Cor 10/13. He who, at a moment of his life, choses to say ''no'' to God, is not necessarily a wicked. He may be in a situation where he has to say 'no', and then 'yes' according to the good plan of God Matt 21/28-32. This is why this belief does not allow anyone to judge others or condemn them. God alone is the Judge.

When I was younger, I was called in the office of a pastor with whom I worked. That day, I had made an error. He sermonized me, and showed where my fault had been. I accepted with good heart what he was saying. But at the end of the conversation, I told him: ''When I do something wrong, no one fails to say it is that I did something wrong. Why then, when I do something correct, all say: ''glory to God!'' Who is responsible for the good the wrong that I do and on whom should the Glory or the blame should go?'' We laughed a good feal about that, assessing how senseless the question was.

Now, I know that God, in his love is guiding us through our existence. We must play the game if it serves His Glory! There are laws and I must obey them and when I obey, I show my love to God and to others. When I don't obey, I should pay for the mistakes and so doing, I show another side of the infinite variety of wisdom of God through my life Eph 3/10. If all these things work together for my good, I am convinced that they also work together for the Glory of God. It does not mean that we must do evil so that God is glorified! One should be a crank to imagine such a thing!

To conclude on this topic, which is vast, remember this: that you believe or not in the total predestination is not important at all. What matters, is that you find your pleasure in the good Word of God and you put it in practice; the rest is just empty talk.



It is the first harvest which is made. Premices to the Lord were made Lev 23/9-20. We must be the premices of the Lord by being faithful until the end. Rev 14/4.



Pride is generally a negative thing. It is a lack of humility. Pride sets people against one another and against God. To follow one's will is pride when one knows what the will of God is.

Your heart is lifted up Deut 8/11-14. What God hates, It is the pride and the arrogance Prov 8/13. Prov 6/16-17. A haughty spirit goes before the fall Prov 16/18. The Day of the Eternal will be against the arrogant Is 2/11-12. Yet, we must also clarify that pride can be a legitimate feeling of dignity. At the risk of shocking one more time, I again say that when Jesus-Christ says: ''No one comes to the father but throuhg me!'' Jn 14/6, this is not negative pride, because it is the pure Truth. Pride means saying: ''One can go to God by other ways''.



See Hell.



He who does not respect sacred things and, particularly, who despises the name of God is a profanator.

You will not take the name of your God in vain Ex 20/7. To Profanate the Covenant of our fathers and what is dedicated to God is evil 2/10-11. You will have to give account for every idle word you speak Matt 12/34-37. Jm 3/10.



A prophecy is a message - written or spoken - which is divinely inspired. The spirit of the prophecy must always guide to God. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus-Christ Rev 19/10.

The Biblical prophecy cannot be suject to personal interpretations. This means that no prophecy can be isolated from what the Scriptures declare altogether. The gift of prophecy which the believers can manifest by the faith does not have the same value as the texts of the Holy Scriptures. They can be erroneous and must be judged by persons who also have this gift. 1 Cor 12/10. 1 Cor 14/29. He who prophesies has self-control and thus does not manifest a state such as the trance. 1 Cor 14/32-33. Women can prophesy as well as men, this is obvious. Joel 2/28-29 Acts 2/17-18. Would that all the Lord's people were prophets nb 11/29. Those who manifest the ministry of prophets are not to be held on the same plane as those who exert the gift of prophecy Eph 4/11. Such a person is in charge of giving the Word to the Church in its universality, whereas he who manifests the simple gift of prophecy just brings an edification to the local Church. Don't be impressed by those who claim to be prophets. Test their spirits to see whether they come from God. Moreover, not because a true prophet of God speaks, 100% of what he says is inspired by God. Fanaticism is a dangerous thing. Brother Branham at times said things which were but his own ideas and he often humbled himself publically for positions which were only his own and not those which God was dictating to him. The fanaticism around this prophet did much wrong to the message God had given him. But this was undoubtedly predestined too...



It is a person called by God to be his spokeman. The prophet is the preacher of Justice who makes known the Person of God and His Will. Since there are true prophets, there are also false prophets obvioulsy. The true prophets can be recognized; what they say comes to pass. And they always draw the people to love Jesus-Christ, his Word and his Holy Ordinances. Jer 23/25-32. Jonah was a true prophet though his message was not accomplished. Actually, his message pushed the people to repent. The only problem is that Jonah did not understand that he had to publish things on behalf of God.

One day God sent a spirit of lie in the prophets 1 Kg 22/23. There was only the prophet Micah who said the Truth.

God does what he wants and we have the prophets whom we deserve. It is written that at the end of times, the people loved the fables and went away from the Truth. Well, they have the prophets that they deserve. It is how you can see men and women with a certain spiritual authority who draw considerable crowds. What do they say to the people? what the people feel like hearing. These are false prophets.

But glory to God! There are always true prophets who speak the Word of God in our time. For God has not changed. He does nothing without revealing his secrets to His servants the prophets, the preachers of Justice. Amos 3/7.

What will you listen to? A true prophet sent by God will only say what God told him to say and, what he says will not contradict the written Word of God.

What sort of person are you? Are you seeking a message that fits you, or the message of God? I remind you that when God speaks, He always disturbs. Hear Him call Adam in the evening in the garden: ''where are you?'' It is just what Adam did not feel like to hear at that moment. Hear God speak to Cain: ''Where is your brother?'' It is just what Cain did not feel like hearing at that moment. Well... God has not changed! by his prophets of Today, He will not tell you things that you necessarily feel like hearing.

Would that all the Lord's people were prophets Nb 11/29. If there is among you a prophet Nb 12/6. God warns his people by his prophets 2 Kg 17/23. 2 Chron 36/15-16. Jer 7/25. He reveals his secrets to his prophets Am 3/7. He had announced by the mouth of his holy prophets Lk 1/70. All the prophets bear testimony to Christ Acts 10/43. God has established prophets in the Church 1 Cor 12/28. The Community of Jesus-Christ is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets Eph 2/19-20. The prophets can be women such as Rebecca, Anne, Elizabeth and Mary. Miriam, the sister of Moses is a prophetess. Ex 15/20. So was Debora Jg 4/4. So, was Hulda 2 Kg 22/14. 2 Chron 34/22. Anne was a prophetess too Lk 2/36.



The books of the proverbs contain many parabols, poems, sayings, and moral advices. They have been written by the king Solomon.

Ch 1 to 9 what the true wisdom is. Ch 10 to 24 collection of sayings about the behaviour to have in the daily life. Ch 25 to 29 are proverbs of Solomon that the people of Ezekias, king of Judas, had collected. Ch 30 to 31 are the wonderful description of what a true woman is, disciple of Jesus-Christ.



The books of the Psalms is a collection of texts which were put in music. David is the principal composer of the Psalms. Many Psalms have a prophetic import since they announce Jesus-Christ.